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A Journal Stands Out in Prestige and Longevity

The New England Journal of Medicine, founded two centuries ago, continues to flourish in a world of digital media and incremental developments in the field.



Fall in Number of Patents Filed by Big Pharma

The number of patents filed by large pharmaceutical companies has dropped significantly in recent years, suggesting intensifying problems for the industry in replenishing its thinning pipeline of new products over the coming decade.

The Financial Times


Gut Infections Are Growing More Lethal

Gastrointestinal infections are killing more and more people in the United States and have become a particular threat to the elderly, according to new data released last week … Two thirds of the deaths were caused by a bacterium, Clostridium difficile, which people often contract in hospitals and nursing homes, particularly when they have been taking antibiotics. The bacteria have grown increasingly virulent and resistant to treatment in recent years.

But researchers were surprised to discover that the second leading cause of death from this type of illness was the norovirus. It causes a highly contagious infection, sometimes called winter vomiting illness, that can spread rapidly on cruise ships and in prisons, dormitories and hospitals.


Vitamin E, Vitamin C & Alpha-Lipoic Acid Combo Appear No Help For Alzheimer’s

Antioxidant supplements don’t appear to have an impact on cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers related to Alzheimer’s disease, a clinical trial determined

MedPage Today