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Intense Light Prevents, Treats Heart Attacks, Study Suggests

There are lots of ways physicians might treat a patient after a heart attack — certain resuscitation methods, aspirin, clot-busters and more. Now researchers have found a new candidate: Intense light.

Science Daily


Don’t Just Sit There

Stand up. Turn off the tube. Add months to your life.



Saturday Nite @ The Movies

Captain Kidd (1945)

The unhistorical adventures of this real-life pirate star Charles Laughton & Randolph Scott.
Conductor & composer Werner Janssen received an Academy Award nomination for his work.
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U.S. teens lead in deaths, pot & obesity

U.S. teens smoke the most marijuana in the world, have the highest mortality in the world and have high binge drinking rates, a worldwide study found.

The phrase, going to hell in a handbasket, comes to mind.

Scars, Seizures Common in Discoid Lupus

Patients with the discoid form of cutaneous lupus erythematosus not only have worse skin damage than patients with systemic lupus, but are also at risk for neurologic manifestations, data analysis showed.

MedPage Today


Vitamin D May Affect Lung Transplant Success

Researchers from Loyola University Health System in Chicago found that vitamin D deficiency is associated with an increase in lung transplant rejection and infections.

HealthDay News


Study: Diabetes, obesity raise breast cancer risk after menopause

Overweight postmenopausal women who had a history of diabetes and high cholesterol faced more than nine times the risk of developing breast cancer as those without the conditions, according to a study in the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention. Researchers also found overweight women with diabetes and a high ratio of fat to muscle were nearly eight times as likely to develop breast cancer.

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