Fact or Fiction?: The Sixth Mass Extinction Can Be Stopped

newseventsimagesIs the planet undergoing the sixth mass extinction in its history courtesy of the human species?
The most famous mass extinction came from space, but the biggest might have been because of carbon dioxide. Cataclysms, whether the asteroid that ended the dinosaurs’ reign or the volcanism that may have caused the Great Dying, drove the first five mass extinctions in Earth’s history, in which 75 percent of more of the planet’s life died out. The sixth mass extinction may now be beginning—and the apocalypse this time is us.

Thank You for Your Service: How One Company Sues Soldiers Worldwide

oie_25224147YBXFJNc6With stores near military bases across the country, the retailer USA Discounters offers easy credit to service members. But when those loans go bad, the company uses the local courts near its Virginia headquarters to file suits by the thousands.

The Metaphor Program – From The Office of the Director of National Intelligence

bible-quran2For decision makers to be effective in a world of mass communication and global interaction, they must understand the shared concepts and worldviews of members of other cultures of interest. Recognizing cultural norms is a significant challenge, however, because they tend to be hidden. Even cultural natives have difficulty defining them because they form the tacit backdrop against which members of a culture interact and behave. We tend to notice them only when they are in conflict with the norms of other cultures. Such differences may cause discomfort or frustration and may lead to flawed interpretations about the intent or motivation of others. If we are to interact successfully on the world stage, we must have resources that will help us recognize norms across cultures. The Metaphor Program will exploit the use of metaphors by different cultures to gain insight into their cultural norms.
Metaphors have been known since Aristotle (Poetics) as poetic or rhetorical devices that are unique, creative instances of language artistry (e.g., The world is a stage). Over the last 30 years, metaphors have been shown to be pervasive in everyday language and reveal how people in a culture define and understand the world around them.
  • Metaphors shape how people think about complex topics and can influence beliefs.
  • Metaphors can reduce the complexity of meaning associated with a topic by capturing or expressing patterns.
  • Metaphors are associated with affect; affect influences behavior.
Research on metaphors has uncovered inferred meanings and worldviews of particular groups or individuals: Characterization of disparities in social issues and contrasting political goals; exposure of inclusion and exclusion of social and political groups; understanding of psychological problems and conflicts.

Why Seven Hours of Sleep Might Be Better Than Eight

oie_25171638Zm2IAUH3It's the holy grail of questions: how many hours of sleep should we ideally get per night? We've heard the magic number eight, but experts are working to come up with a more refined, evidence-based number.

Why do we have blood types?

blood-typeMore than a century after their discovery, we still don’t really know what blood types are for. Do they really matter?

Less than 10% of human DNA has functional role, claim scientists

dna-908e73761458dc9cc205d91bbca716ff2dbdd96a-s6-c30Large stretches may be no more than biological baggage, say researchers after comparing genome with that of other mammals.

Notable Registrants of WW1

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