Psychotherapist borrows horse sense for book on human behavior

epic-animals-in-showbiz03Psychotherapists have plumbed all sorts of relationships in their quest to understand and improve human communication, so perhaps it was only a matter of time before they studied horse sense. Herd behavior, changing habits, building trust — it seems that people have a lot to learn from Equus…

Abnormalities In Cells That Cause Down Syndrome May Be Corrected By Medicine Used To Prevent Acne

Abnormal development in the morphology of neurons is thought to be the cause of Down syndrome, and a new study has now discovered the group of cells that are responsible for causing this abnormal development in the brain.

Illinois legalizes medical marijuana for children with seizures

H1Illinois children and adults with epilepsy will soon be allowed to use marijuana to ease their symptoms under a law signed on Sunday by Democratic Governor Pat Quinn, the latest in a series of measures loosening restrictions on cannabis by U.S. states.

Scientists Begin to Demystify Hole Found in Siberian Permafrost

Russia Siberia CraterAfter a flood of speculation — meteorite collision, methane explosion related to gas drilling, UFO — following the discovery of a gaping crater in the permafrost near big gas fields on the Yamal peninsula in Siberia, scientists are starting to offer more informed views.

What Was The UFO The Apollo 11 Astronauts Spotted?

Apollo 11 Astronaut Buzz Aldrin fills us in.

10 Crazy & Awesome Inventions from the Past!

894Here are ten crazy and awesome inventions from the past, which never caught on for some reason … This cage was used to hang babies out of the window, for families without a garden — 1937.

5 of the Wildest Summer Camps for Grown-Ups

zombie1Growing up sucks. What you gain in responsibility you lose in free time. What you need is camp—for grown-ups. This summer, the recreation industry has you covered, but instead of archery, color wars, or papier-mâché, you can get something more tailored to adult (or at least adultish) sensibilities. Adventure is calling.
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